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[ Communication aid for Seriously disabled persons ]
Communication aid for Disabled persons Communication aid for Diabled persons
If you are looking for a communication aid which you can operate it by eye movement and blinking, please refer this page.
[ Measurement system of the eyeball for various kind of research (Eye Tracker ) ]
Eye Tracker Eye Tracker
This system can plot the user's eye gazing point on the computer screen. It is very useful for development of new product or various research (for example : reserch of design, psychology, eyeball movement and so on )
If you are looking for Eye tracker, Eye tracer, Eye tracing system, Eye movement actuator ,Eye marker and so on, please refer this page.

[Measurement unit of eyeball or using as a computer input device ]
Computer input device by Eye movement Computer input device by Eye movement
If you are a technical expert or a researcher and you are looking for a measurement unit of eye gazing point, please refer this page. This unit is very flexibility. The using way is not only as a Eye Tracker. As it can be used as a computer input device which looks like computer mouse, the way of using depends on your idea. The construction of new system is very easy because the developed application's job is only one to receives the user's gazing coordinate (x,y) from this unit.

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