TE-9101B  Eye Behavior Interface Unit

TE-9101B  Information


This unit is main unit of "TE-9200 Eyeball Target Measurement System". If it adds "TS-9113 Eye Gazing Point Measurement program" to this unit, it's same system with "TE-9200 Eyeball Target Measurement System".

The reason why we sell this unit without measurement program, is there's a lot of demand to sell the flexible equipment which can use for other purposes. Therefore, the user's demand isn't only to measure Eye Movement. For example, it's used for "computer input device", "Non-contact input switch", "new MMI with Eyeball"and so on. Fortunately, this unit can correspond to almost of user's demands. This unit isn't only to measure "Eye Gazing Point", it can used for other purposes and it can assist to construct many new systems very easy which are created by users.

Besides, used doesn't need many knowledge about Eye Gazing Detection for using this unit. Because the setting of unit is done by itself automatically. It looks like TV or washing machine which is household electrical appliances. When user turns on the power switch of unit, it start to measure Eye Gazing Point. Eventually, the user's operation is only to adjust CCD Camera's position and connection of unit.

Therefore, this unit is best one for researchers, experts, engineers who creates original system with Eye Movement. If you are researcher of Eye Movement, please refer "TE-9200 Eyeball Target Measurement System".

New ideas are born when user thinks how to use the data which is detected by this unit. When the data is marked on the picture, it's Eye Movement Tracing. The user would analyze many things from the data. Or when a menu is displayed on computer screen, this unit would be one of computer input device which looks like computer mouse. The merits are Non-contact and Eye's control. Hereby, this unit's possibility is infinity which depends on user's ideas..

@Uses and applications

Using for Eye Tracker
Using for input device of computer, robot, controller, micro computer and so on.

Using for No-contact input switch in harsh factory environments in order to avoid accidents and troubles.
Using for Non-contact input switch in hazardous areas in order to protect the workers' safety.
Using for Simulators and video game machines in order to progress Virtual Reality.
Using for Automobile or Airplane in order to prevent accidents and to operate some equipment.
Using for user's original system with Eye Gazing Technology.


Non-contact type
Subject Compact and light-weight
Use in natural circumstances  without pain or stress. This unit doesn't give some effect to subject's psychology. And it can measure the subject's Eye Gazing points correctly in the natural circumstances.
General Eye Tracker has many restrictions on the subject.
This unit doesn't have such as restrictions and it can measure the Eye Gazing Points if the subject's eyeball has no troubles. Besides, there's no problems even if the subject wears either eyeglasses or contact lens.
The unit is only 1.9kg (4.2 lb), And the installation space is only B5 size (182*257mm). ( It excludes the CCD camera space.)

Measure circumstances
Unit setting
In the case of general Eye Tracker, it needs to spend much time for calibration. But this unit's calibration time is only 30 seconds and it's very simple and easy. Especially, it gives big effect if you have to measure many subjects' data. General Eye Tracker has many restrictions on measurement circumstances.
However, this unit can measure in anytime and anywhere if sunlight doesn't light up the subject's eyeball directly. Therefore, if it's either room light or fluorescent light, it's no effects to measure.
General Eye Tracker needs to spend much time for the setting before measurement. Frankly, user needs the professional knowledge, and to spend much time and power for the setting. But this unit doen't need such as wasted power because it does it by itself. User's job is only to turn on the power switch.

@Construction of new system

@The case to use this unit as Eye Tracker

This picture is sample of "TS-9113 Eye Gazing Point measure program". If user program marks the measure data on picture, the program is to be a kid of "Eye Gazing Point Plot Program". Anyway, if user uses the measure data as Eye Gazing data, the program can analyze "Eye Movement", "Eye Gazing Point" and so on.

@The case to use this unit as a computer input device

This picture is sample of "TS-9110 Communication program for serious disease". By the output data from the unit, the program can know very easy both "User's Eye Gazing Point" and "Displayed content at the user's Eye Gazing point on compute r screen". Therefore, the program is only to executes the content which is chosen by user. If the program can developed such as "TS-9110", this unit can be used as one of computer input device.
In addition, this unit isn't only to connect with computer. If the equipment has communication port (RS-232C or USB), the unit can connect and control anything. For example, it's micro computer, robot, controller, FA machine, various equipment and others. If this unit can connect to the equipment, the development is only one program which controls the unit and inputs data.

Above is one of sample that this unit is used for. This means the user can easily create an original system compatible with his own special application and peripheral equipment in various fields.@If you have question or opinion, please contact us.

In addition, the samples in various fields are following.@@Typical applications in various fields

@Installation and Start up

Step Operation Pictures for reference N o t e
P Installation of components Install each component. The picture is sample that components are installed on "TM-9160 System Stand". Of course, these components can install on desktop.
Q Connection of cables It's only 4 cables which are connected to the unit. (power, communication port, TE-9171 and video cable)
And the work is done when other 2 cables are connected to the CCD Camera. (power, video cable)
R Power on Turn on the power switches that are the unit and CCD Camera.
In addition, the TE-9171's power is supplied from this unit.
S Calibration Adjust the CCD Camera's position that can monitor the subject's eyeball.
And start the program "TS-9101 Calibration program". The process of Calibration is following.
T Measurement After success of Calibration, the unit has already been measuring the subject's Eye Gazing Point if CCD Camera can monitor the subject's eyeball.
And if the unit can receive "Data Output Command" from computer program, it outputs the measure data to the computer through communication port. The output speed is 1/60 second per one data.

@Input/Output data

I/O Code Kind Size Cycle N o t e
Input Ascii Control commands No limitation Anytime This unit inputs control commands from computer. And the command can be sent by the program which is developed by user.
Output Binary Measure data 9 bytes 1/60sec The unit outputs measure data which is concerned with Eye Gazing Point. The measure data is included a lot of information which is the Eye Gazing Point's Coordinates (x,y) on the computer screen, blinking data, Status information and so on.

@The method of Calibration

Start the attached "TS-9101 Calibration program" and click the "Start"key.

As one blue mark is displayed in the center, subject watches at the mark.
When subject blinks or stares during a few second at the blue mark, it changes to red mark. After that, subject stares for a while at the red mark.
When bell sounds, the mark moves to next point and it changes to blue mark.
The points are center, left-up, right-up, right-down and left-down.
When subject repeats the action that is "Watching", "Blinking(or a few second staring)" and "Staring" at each point, the calibration is done. The time is within 30 seconds.

The above program "TS-9101 Calibration program"is attached as one standard component. But as this unit executes the calibration by the command which is sent from the program, user can slot the calibration function into user's program very easy if it sends the control commands to the unit.

@Main components

@Standard components

TE-9170 (Substitude)
Unit name
Eye Behavior Interface Unit
CCD Camera Set
Infrared ray Lighting set
Measurement Program(Sample)

@Optional components

Unit Name
N o t e
Auto Pan Tilt
For detecting user's Eye Gazing Point with non-contact method that is necessary to monitor the user's Eyeball by CCD Camera, By this reason, the task to adjust the CCD Camera's position that is needed before begin the measurement.
But as this unit can adjust the direction of CCD Camera and adjust the zoom rate of camera, the user's work before measurement can be saved.
Head Movement Tracing Unit
As the non-contact method is to detect the User's Eye Gazing Point from far position, the user's head movement is biggest fault of this method.
However, this unit can detect the user's head movement and trace the user's eyeball in order that the "TE-9101B" can measure the User's Eye Gazing Point.
Eyeball Imaging Monitor
This unit displays the imaging picture that is monitored by CCD Camera. If the monitor or TV has a port of "VIDEO IN"(RCA), it can be used instead of this unit. But the video output of "TE-9101B" is NTSC video signal. And you can confirm whether the "TE-9101B" can measure correctly.
System Stand
All of components can be arranged at this System Stand. As the arrangement is best, the "TE-9101B" can measure the user's Eye Gazing Point correctly. And as all components are installed, the movement and establishment are very easy.
Measurement Program
This program plots the user's Eye Gazing Points on the computer screen. The speed of measurement is 1/60 second and the data is drawn by dot. The measurement data are saved a text file format that is included with the data of coordinates (x,y) and staying rate of each block on the screen. Please refer hTE-9200 EyeBall Target Measurement System" if you'd like to know the detail of data.
Measurement Program
(for Video input)
This program is added one special function to the standard function of "TS-9113" that is to measure the eye gazing point on the video. However, the video signal is input through the attached video board.

@Specification List

@Unit specification

Image processing method
Non-contact method
Remote control
Detection speed
Transmission term
Resolution ability
}0.7 angle
Detection on display
10~10 Matrix
Detection data
1:The coordinate of watching closely on the screen
2:The characteristic point of eyeball
3:The calibration data
4:The blink information
60`200cmiStandard specj
The head permission range
}50mmiThe level and perpendicular directionj
Picture range

Hardware specification

Item and the specification
Video signal
Input signal
NTSC composite signal
Output signal
NTSC composite signal
Signal standard
Signal standard
Input terminal
RCA jack
Output terminal
RCA jack
Communication port
RS-232C 1line
Baud rate/57600bps : Character bit/8bit : Parity bit/EVEN : Stop bit/1bit
Setting data
Memory in EEPROM
Version up
Exchange of ROM
Composition unit
410,000 pixels : CCD
14 magnifications
Attachment software
Electric specification
Power supply
AC85`132V / 50`60Hz
Consumption of electric power
1.9Kg(TE-9101 only)
Standard composition
TE-9101 : TE-9170 : TE-9171
Main attachment
Cable : Control software(TS-9101) : User's manual : Written guarantee

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