TE-9100 Nursing System Enhancing Patients' Self-support

TE-9100 Information


This system allows seriously disabled peoples to operate electronic equipment or nursing equipment, and to convey their intention through a computer synthesized voice to others. A nurse or helper is not needed. The user's action is only to watch the menu on the computer screen and to blink his/her eyes (or to stare for several seconds). Absolutely no knowledge of the computer is required.

 Typical users

ALS patients or those with muscular dystrophy
Other Seriously Disables peoples or Serious Disease peoples
Disabled persons unable to user their limbs to operate equipment
Elderly disabled persons
Disabled persons requiring a nurse in constant attendance

 User requirements

User must be able to watch at the computer screen.
User must be able to blink eyes while staring at the computer screen.
User must be able to understand the menu on the computer screen.


Non-contact operation with Eye movement
Easy to operate
Compact, Light-weight and Portable

Easy to communicate ( Choose from menu )
Wearing Eye glasses or Contact lens

 Standard functions

Fixed Voice Messages
Composition of Message
Emergency Calls
When User chooses the Fixed Voice message, System outputs the chosen voice message. The Standard configuration allows selecting 60 types of male or female voices.
User chooses each alphabet and composes a message that is his/her intention. The System stores up 10 messages. ( Max 96 characters/one message )
When User chooses the "Emergency button", system output the emergency call by voice or buzzer.

 How to operate

This sample how to operate that the user tells "I want to drink tea."

Menu display The menu is displayed on the screen.
Content Selection The user looks at the item "Tea".

(The key color changes to Yellow.)
Content Decision The user blinks or stares a few second.

(The key color changes to Red and the computerized voice is output.)

 Videos of the communication program

 Fixed Voice Messages  Composition of messages

Notice : This sample program is Japanese edition.

 Main components

Standard components
Eye Behavior Interface Unit
CCD camera set
IR Lighting set
Communication Program

Optional components
Personal Computer
Eyeball Monitor
System Control Unit
Eyeball Imaging Monitor
Auto Pan Tilt System stand

 Typical installations

Desktop installation
Bed installation
Stand installation
Connect to monitor 1 Connect to monitor 2
cf1. These are samples of standard system.
cf2. It is possible to move the system easily if it installes on a bed table.
cf3. It is possible to change the system making.


Near Infrared Ray Patient's eyeball is monitored with near infrared ray at a wavelength of 860nm in a range close to light visible to human eyes. The output power is only a few microwatts, which is much weaker than sunlight.
Effects on the eyeball There is absolutely no effect on the eyeball. The eyeball is simply monitored by a CCD camera, similar to a VTR and so is totally harmless.
Non-contact operation User doesn't feel suffering and unpleasant sensations, and doesn't have to wear any goggles or sensors. This means no problems from sweat rashes or rub marks on the user.
User eyesight The user only watches a computer screen so there is no effect on eyesight. (Occasionally resting the eyes is recommended.) 

 Specification List

TE-9100 versus current systems
Character input rate
Max 55 seconds
About 1 second
Detection method
Optical sensor
Video image
Detection target
Eye gazing point, eye blinking, staring, etc.
User attachments
Goggles or sensors
Detection speed
1/60th of a second
Harm to user
Sweat rashes, rub marks, etc.
Head movement
Some movement allowed
Installation & setup
Somewhat difficult

Specification List
Eye gazing point by image processing
Major components
TE-9101, TE-9170, TE-9171
Optional components TE-9175, TM-9160, PC, Eyeball Imaging monitor
Operating environment
Temp: 5 to 40℃, Humidity 20 to 80% (no condensation)
Electrical specs.
Power supply: 85 to 135 VAC, 50 to 60Hz, power consumption : 10W (peak usage)
3.1kg (1.4 lbs) not including PC weight
Main accessories
Operating manual, warranty card, set of cables, software (TS-9101・TS-9110)
[ Caution Items ]
・ Please acknowledge that system product performance and external appearance are subject to change without prior notice due to product modifications or upgrades.
・ System performance may vary depending on individual user conditions.
・ Though this system is designed to allow use of eyeglasses and contact lenses, these may have adverse effects on performance, depending on the lens curve, color, and various specific conditions.

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