Typical Applications in various fields

@Research fields
 Design research

Various research for instance is being done in designs such as for magazines and posters. Researchers are for instance discovering how a person's sensations and impressions change according to the color, tint, position and size of the letter or picture, etc. By utilizing the "TE-9101B Eye Behavior Interface Unit", researchers can check a person's first eye target focus position and eyeball movement when looking at something. This information lets researchers come up with the best possible design.

 Psychological research

There is a strong connection between a person's eyeball movements and their psychological state. Data can be obtained with the "TE-9101B Eye Behavior Interface Unit" on a person's psychological state by measuring eyeball movement and eyelid blinks that occur due to environmental or psychological changes from viewing photos, pictures or letters shown on a display.

 Eyeball movement research

The "TE-9101B Eye Behavior Interface Unit" basically measures a person's eye target focus position within a space at the front or above the display screen. Accumulated data on eye target focus position, plots, calculated movement speed and direction, and other eyeball movement data can then be analyzed.

@Medical & welfare fields
Systems for the seriously physically disabled

Systems can be easily built up so that persons with ALS or muscular dystrophy, persons with spinal cords injured in accidents, or disabled limbs can operate devices or carry out conversations. We designed and built the "TE-9100 Nursing System for Enhancing Patients' Self-Support" to make this possible and invite you to check out its potential benefits.

@Factory Automation fields
  Harsh factory environments

Using computers in environments with a lot of smoke, dust or oil causes many breakdowns and operating errors in the computer and its input devices such as keyboards and switches. The "TE-9101B Eye Behavior Interface Unit" however uses non-contact input devices so all components can be placed in sealed spaces and shutoff from harsh factory environments. The user can easily operate equipment or change settings just by blinking his eyes at the glass-covered display.

Hazardous areas

Workers normally have to wear protective clothing when working in areas subject to radiation or high temperatures. However the thick protective layer of work clothes make it difficult to press keys on control panels and damages the buttons when heavy gloves make contact with the keyboard. The "TE-9101B Eye Behavior Interface Unit" however is a non-contact device, allowing the control panel to be isolated from the harsh factory environment. This system delivers high reliability and also maintains worker safety.

@Computer fields
Computer input device

The "TE-9101B Eye Behavior Interface Unit" can be used as a computer input device just like a mouse or keyboard. However, since the display is some distance away from the user, even with high performance resolution within 1 degree that our unit provides, the control within 1 dot that a mouse can deliver is not possible. So to utilize our unit for computer input, control application software must be provided to split up the display screen into dozens of small windows (display keys) for selection by the user.

@Automotive electronics fields
Operates vehicle electronic devices

Many traffic accidents occur when the driver shifts his gaze away from the windshield in order to operate electronic equipment in the vehicle. The "TE-9101B Eye Behavior Interface Unit" however detects the driver's line-of-sight to provide both safety and convenience while inside the vehicle.
Our system during night-time driving for instance: can flash the sub-brites according to the driver's line-of-sight, to quickly indicate curves or other road hazards, display electronic equipment switches such as for the car stereo on a heads-up display on the windshield, or show the view as seen from the back mirror, reducing the need for the driver to shift his line-of-sight to an absolute minimum while driving. The "TE-9101B Eye Behavior Interface Unit" therefore improves both improved driving safety and convenience.

 Serving as the "Driver's Eyes"

Our system is being used to acquire driver line-of-sight data in a commercial product already on the market. Since our system captures actual images as seen by the driver and plots the eye target position on the image, a CCD camera must be installed near the driver's eyes to acquire the images. This means that a contact detection device such as goggles are necessary. If the user develops these goggles, then the "TE-9101B Eye Behavior Interface Unit" can be used as is without changes.
Rival systems require securing the driver's head in a fixed position, in the "TE-9101B Eye Behavior Interface Unit" on the other hand, if the CCD camera is secured to move and turn along with the driver, then no problems occur even if the driver moves or turns his head for instance to check safety.

@Electronic Amusements fields
Game machines

Currently visual effects acheived by 3D imaging technology, sound effects and vibrations by 3D audio technology are bringing virtual reality to life around us. Compared to real life however, the sensations of speed and distance, focus points, and visual points that our eyes can take in by virtual reality are still extremely poor. In an auto race game for instance, if you twist the steering wheel the display on the screen still appears in focus even though you are supposedly moving at high speed and it doesn't appear like real life at all. By detecting eye target points with the "TE-9101B Eye Behavior Interface Unit" however, the user's action, line-of-sight and display appear much more realistic and allowing players to enjoy virtual reality that is much closer to real life.


Just as with the game machines mentioned above, using the "TE-9101B Eye Behavior Interface Unit" for simulation devices such as flight simulators and drive simulators delivers the viewer a virtual reality much closer to real life.

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