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Purchase of our product

Demonstration of our product

Development of your country's edition
TE-9100 Nursing System for Enhancing Patients' Self-support TE-9200 Eyeball Target Measurement System TE-9101B Eye Behavior Interface Unit

Purchase of our product

We can export our product even if you need only one unit. And when in the case that you need to purchase a large number of products, we can discount the unit price.
Besides, our products are developped which is based on JIS (Japan Industrial Standards). It's very strict one in the world and you would feel the high quality which is made in Japan.
In addition, if the order is issued from School (University, College, Academy or other schools), you would be able to purchase our product very reasonable price (Academy Pack). Or if you are agency or trading company, we can sell our product as a sample price before the deal. If you'd like to purchase our product, please contact us at first.

@Demonstration of our products

If you need to confirm our product or you want to try to use our product before purchase, we can accept your request and we can execute the demonstration. At the time, we need to ask you for only the expenses of business trip If you can decided to purchase our product after the demonstration, we can discount the price in consideration for the advance payment.
Anyway, if you are interested in our demonstration, please
contact us immediately.

Development of your country's edition

If you would like to import a large number of our product, you would request us to develop your country'r edition. In the case, we have to examine your country's standards, laws and so on. And we would develop the product which suits to them. As the expense is affected by your requests' level, we need to discuss the detail with you.
Anyway, if you are interested in your country's edition, please contact us at first.

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